What is Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to the methods and techniques to get a website into search engine result pages. Organic SEO is the use of legal, recommended and unpaid methods, applied according to the algorithms of a particular search engine. Organic SEO is also called Natural SEO.

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White Hat and Black Hat Techniques

For Search Engine Optimization two methods can be used. White Hat techniques are the methods which are considered legal. Each Search Engine provide a guidance about how to do SEO. Every legal and search engine friendly methods comes in the category of White Hat. SEO based on Black Hat techniques is also refered as Artificial SEO, in contrast to Natural SEO.

Black Hat techniques are the methods which are not suggested by search engines, rather they disapprove such methods. Black Hat methods are normally used by the companies with short term goals. In the long run search engines identify such illegal methods and penalize the websites. Any person or company who want long term search engine existence MUST only follow White Hat methods.

Our Policy about Black Hat methods

We believe in and practice only White Hat methods. There is no exception in our policy. If a client, for his short term goals, ask us to use Black Hat methods, we simply refuse to do so. May be it is strange for them, but as a policy we do not practice Black Hat methods.

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